Professional Learning Practices

Our Project

4th Grade Forest Unit

A 21st Century Approach

Our purpose:

At Trinity, each grade level teaches a different biome. Our team is made up of a first grade lead, a second grade assistant, a fourth grade lead, a technology lab teacher and a technology staff person. As a group, we decided this unit of study needed a lot of development, and this project could help every grade in the school. We were also building off of a personal experience of one of the team members who traveled to the West Coast to better the fourth grade unit. Our project was born - a 21st century unit on the forests.

Our goals:

1. Create a list of resources for the teachers and students to use to research the five types of forests.
2. Develop activities that utilize photographs taken in the forests by Amanda.
3. Locate and develop activities that utilize various photo-sharing websites (flickr, creative commons, etc.).
4. Create educational movies using video shot during Boreal forest trip.
5. Develop activities that center around our natural resources here in Georgia and at Trinity.
6. Create graphic organizers that can be used to showcase learning.
7. Establish social networks that will enable a wider geographic base of first-hand resources.

8. Integrate technology into as many aspects of the unit as possible.

A Sampling of our products:

Wiki textbook
Voice thread
Google Map
Video (scroll to the bottom)

Questions or comments:

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